Coffee Tour

Finca del Café - Coffee Tour - Coffee Cultural Landscape

An experience from the seed to palate.

A coffee tastes a lot better when the farm experience is lived. We’ll guide you across our beautiful Specialty Coffee plantations, teaching to you how is the process from sowing, the selective hand-picking and de-pulping process. After that, we will roast Specialty Coffee beans in a firewood in our peasant house kitchen, finally, we prepare a delicious cup of the softest Speciality Coffee in the world grown in the Finca del Café®.

FULL ROUTE       (3:00 hours approx.)
SHORTE ROUTE (1:30 hours approx.)

Value: $50.000 COP per person
*(minimum 2 people or pay the value of both)

Value: $45.000 COP per person for groups over 8 people

We have a plantation area called “Lote del Turista” reserved to our visitors, where yourself can sponsor a Specialty Coffee plant, we mail you a picture of the tree progress twice a year: in June and December months throughout the rest of the productive life of the tree, approximately 5 years from the time it was sown.

Value: $50000 COP per tree
*We also give you a 125 gr. packing of Specialty Coffee

Finca del Café - Coffee Tour - Coffee Cultural Landscape


a) 0 Km – Coffee drying

b) 0,1Km – Lote del Turista

c) 0,2 Km – Guadua Plantation “La Guaca”

d) 0,33 Km – Guadua Plantation “El Grito”

e) 0,5 Km – Myths and legends lookout

f) 1,3 Km – Feeding house of coffee pickers

*The “Guadua” is an endemic species of Bamboo from the region, it is also part of the World Heritage “Coffee Cultural Landscape”.

Finca del Café - Coffee Tour - Coffee Cultural Landscape
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Finca del Café - Barism - Coffee Cultural Lanscape routes

Luna de Café

Finca del Café - Luna de Café - Coffee Cultural Landscape routes