Jorge Cardona, a great singer.

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Jorge Cardona is an artist with great sensitivity and creativity.

I met him thanks to a teacher-friend whom invited Jorge to participate in one of the Lunadas we organize at the Finca del Café®. My friend had told me that Jorge was really good at imitating Leonardo Favio, the Argentinian balladist. He was right. A shy farmer, almost hermit-like, Jorge knew a couple of stanzas of every Leonardo Favio’s greatest hits. I told him it would be nice to have him as part of the show of the Lunadas on the condition that he should learn the complete songs.

I later learned he was a master at working the bamboo and started working at the farm in the manufacturing of kiosks, bridges and viewpoints. He works and sings, writes songs, writes poetry, is always cheerful. Once a shy person, he became an important person, valued and selfconfident. We have been growing at par, Jorge , our “Leonardo Favio” and the Finca del Café®.

Luz Nelly Díaz

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