Coffee of origin

Café de Origen is a small phrase with a great definition, it refers to a coffee that
comes from a single producer, crop or region of a country. It means that coffee comes from
a single farm, beneficiary or cooperative. You can also go further and look for packaging that
indicate the name of the hacienda, the lot or crop where the coffee was produced or if it is a
microlote of a specific variety in a farm.
Even so, this is not all about Origin Coffee. As Andra Vlaicu of the Association of
Special Cafés de Europa (SCAE for its acronym in English):
“The most important thing about the coffee of origin is the traceability, the fact of knowing exactly
where the coffee comes from and that it is a single type of coffee and not a mixture. It is usually affirmed
that a coffee is of high quality if it comes from a farm located in a unique environment, which
describes the flavors that represent their origin and contains characteristics of that specific area in
where the coffee was grown. ”
This is why those of the Third Wave of Coffee love to talk about origins, since it implies
To understand in depth the profile of the coffee and what affects it in its area of ​​origin.
Coffee origin coffee farm: our coffee is a tall coffee (1700 masl) produced in the
western slope of the central mountain range in the coffee farm, municipality of Santa Rosa de Cabal,
Risaralda department. The farm has a total area of ​​12 hectares where we integrate 4
coffee varieties which are Caturro, Castillo, Tabí and Borbón amarillo. In addition, we have more
of 15 varieties of plants such as orange, mandarin, jasmine at night, lemongrass, among others,
with which we can maintain the ecosystem balance and at the same time improve the taste of coffee with
the different aromas. On the other hand, there is an integrated management of pests and diseases, with
which we significantly reduce the application of chemical products and produce a
Friendly way for the environment and our health.
Finally we have special harvest and benefit processes, where we collect only the
more mature grains of each plant, dry naturally with clean energy by means of
a modified parabolic dryer (natural drying in the sun), we handle fermentation processes and
washed, as well as special coffee with Prolonged Fermentation, Honey and Natural.

Luis Eduardo Gonzalez Muñoz

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