“Our culture on a path”

The coffee tour is an exceptional experience for all of the senses that takes you through our coffee plantation, which is part of the Colombian coffee Region (El Eje Cafetero).


2 a 3 horas.


$ 60,000 COP per person; $ 90,000 if you request a tour in English.
(*Minimum two people)


2 a 3 horas.


$60.000 COP por persona o

$90.000 si requieres guía en inglés.

*(Mínimo dos personas).


  • 0 Km – Secado de café
  • 0,1Km – Lote del Turista
  • 0,2 Km – Plantación Guadua “La Guaca”
  • 0,33 Km – Plantación Guadua “El Grito”.
  • 0,5 Km – Mirador de mitos y leyendas.
  • 1,3 Km – Casa de alimentación de los recolectores de café


We offer an interactive class highlighting the various ways of preparing special coffee as well as filtering methods.
Price: $ 30,000 COP per person (Maximum 10 participants per class)

The tour is an authentic guided experience, where you get to know the sustainable coffee process from seed to tasting, through carefully prepared stations and trails. At the beginning of the tour, you will be outfitted with a hat, poncho and basket – all typical coffee culture accessories. The first stop is the seedbed, where we explain how the coffee seeds germinate until they become a young plant – ready to be planted in our coffee fields. Next, you enter our innovative parabolic solar dryer, where we highlight the different ways of drying coffee beans to prepare coffee with unique and exquisite characteristics and tasting notes. Then, you will have the opportunity to pick ripe coffee beans from our fields, while you are surrounded by flowers and various tropical fruit trees. After picking ripe coffee beans, you will venture through a guadua, a type of local bamboo forest, where you will hear the sounds of tiny frogs, birds and a small stream. The guadua cultivated on our property, is used to build bridges and lookout towers – places where you can rest and contemplate the green coffee landscape. One of the last stops of the tour is a traditional coffee farmhouse where a female coffee farmer or “chapolera” welcomes you. She will demonstrate how to prepare the perfect cup of coffee by roasting dry coffee beans on a wood stove, grinding and filtering them and serving them for your enjoyment. Prepare to be delighted by the smoothest cup of coffee in the world. At the end of the tour, we prepare a refreshing glass of our signature coffee lemonade just for you. If you want to take this experience home, our gift shop sells all of our coffee varieties as well as souvenirs made by the artisans of our region.

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