Our Coffee Tour

Our Coffee Tour is an authentic guided experience, where you know the process of Sustainable Coffee from the seed to the palate, through carefully elaborated stations and trails in a productive farm of the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

At the start of the tour you receive a hat, poncho and basket, accessories typical of the coffee culture. Then you go to the nursery or seedbed, where we show you how the coffee seed germinates until it becomes a young plant ready to be planted in the field.

Later you enter our innovative Parabolic Solar Dryer, where we teach you the different ways to dry the coffee to prepare cups with unique and exquisite characteristics.

Through the Tour del Café you understand why the altitude of the mountains, our snowy mountains and volcanoes, create the perfect environment to achieve the best soft coffee in the world.

While you walk along safe paths, surrounded by flowers and fruit trees, you manually collect the ripe grain from our coffee plantations, as day-to-day gatherers do.

You go through a forest of bamboo or bamboo where you hear the sounds of birds and a small stream. With this same guadua cultivated in our farm, we built a series of structures where you breathe, rest and contemplate from viewpoints, the green coffee landscape.

Then you arrive at a typical peasant house where you receive a woman coffee grower or “chapolera”; in this place you remove the peel to the coffee that you collected in a manual machine called pulper. Then you enter a kitchen with a wood-burning stove where you toss the dry, selected and threshed grain, which you grind in a manual mill to finally filter it, serve it and enjoy it. Close your eyes and prepare to enjoy the best soft coffee in the world in a true coffee farm!

At the end of the Coffee Tour you refresh yourself with a Coffee Lemonade. You can also take our special washed coffee, honey or natural, toasted both in grain and ground; and acquire souvenirs made by the artisans of the Coffee Cultural Landscape.

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